TOH Podcast 10 – Exclusive Night Trap 25th Anniversary Edition interview

Well, well, well. Look what we have here.

Yes, after years of ‘joke’ references to Night Trap (like adding it to my 30 Best DS games article even though it was never on DS), yer man Scullion has finally been vindicated with the incredible news that a brand new, remastered version of the niche ’90s FMV game is coming to PS4 and Xbox One to celebrate its 25th anniversary.

Even better than that, I’ve known about it for a wee while. In fact, I recorded a podcast with the remaster’s developer, the lovely Tyler Hogle, more than a month ago in advance of its announcement, just for you lovely people.

I can now finally bring that podcast to you, in order that you may ‘get hype’, as today’s youth say. And if you aren’t familiar with the game, you may want to watch the video feature I made about it a while back first, so you know why I love it so much.

Night Trap is actually coming. This is not a drill.

How to listen

If you’re just listening while browsing, the podcast was at the top of this article. Click play and you’re off and running.

If you’d rather have the MP3 as a downloadable file so you can stick it on your media player of choice, right-click and save this link.

If you’ve got iTunes, you can find the podcast there by searching for ‘Tired Old Hack’ or just following this link. Please subscribe if you enjoy it, and write up a wee review.

Or, if you’d rather use your own podcast app, use this feed URL to subscribe to the podcast and get access to new episodes as they’re added:

The original vs the remaster

Finally, as a bonus, if you’d like to see just how great a job Tyler’s done with this Night Trap remake, he’s generously given me a few screenshots so you can compare.

On the left are three screenshots taken from the Mega CD version of Night Trap. I took them myself, so you know there are no Photoshop skullduggery goings-on here. I also took them via a Mega CD emulator, so please do appreciate that on an old CRT TV back in the day it didn’t look that sharp.

On the right are the exact same moments in Night Trap: 25th Anniversary Edition. The game comes with a number of different UI ‘themes’ based on the Mega CD, 3DO and PC layouts: the first two examples here are using the Mega CD layout, the bottom one is the new one exclusive to this remaster, which gives you a bigger picture.

Click to embiggen:


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