Gemhunter #10 – Fake Disney triple-bill

Gemhunter has reached its momentous 10th episode, and what a game I’ve got for you today. Or, rather, what a trio of games.

Today I’m looking at PlayStation budget titles The Dalmatians, Lord Of The Jungle and The Lion And The King.

Could these blatant Disney knock-offs actually provide some shred of entertainment? Find out in the video. Continue reading “Gemhunter #10 – Fake Disney triple-bill”

Gemhunter #9 – American Chopper

It’s time for more gem-hunting goodness as I trawl through gaming’s forgotten releases in search of a hidden gem.

This time it’s American Chopper, an Xbox game published by Activision which is based on the Discovery Channel series of the same name.

As someone who’s never seen the show and doesn’t know the first thing about motorbikes my hopes aren’t high, but could it surprise me? Find out in the video. Continue reading “Gemhunter #9 – American Chopper”

Gemhunter #8 – Close Combat: First To Fight

Time for more Gemhunter goodness, as I continue to play old forgotten video games in an attempt to find a hidden gem.

In episode 8 it’s the turn of Close Combat: First To Fight, an Xbox shooter by Destineer Studios, a developer best known for the likes of Age Of Empires III and the Mac port of Halo.

According to the blurb, this one was designed with input from US marines, and is said to have sophisticated AI. Is it the real deal though? Find out as I play the game for the first time ever. Continue reading “Gemhunter #8 – Close Combat: First To Fight”

Gemhunter #7 – Curse: The Eye Of Isis

It’s back! After a six-month break (while I upgraded my grabbing equipment), Gemhunter returns to crack open the vaults of forgotten turn-of-the-millennium gaming.

In episode 7 it’s the turn of Curse: The Eye Of Isis. It’s a survival horror game by Asylum Entertainment, a UK studio best known for such blockbusters as Play With The Teletubbies on PS1 and the cult PC gem Bob The Builder: Bob Builds A Park.

How does a studio known for children’s games handle horror though? Find out as I play the game for the first time ever. Continue reading “Gemhunter #7 – Curse: The Eye Of Isis”

Gemhunter Live #6 – Portal Runner

In the first ever live episode of Gemhunter I took on 3DO’s PlayStation 2 platformer Portal Runner, a game boldly featuring a ‘97%’ sticker on its box.

Surely it couldn’t possibly be that good? Find out in this recording of the episode along with the viewer comments as they happened.

(Apologies for the sound quality in this episode, I was suffering technical problems which have since been sorted) Continue reading “Gemhunter Live #6 – Portal Runner”

Gemhunter #5 – Mary-Kate & Ashley: Sweet 16 – Licensed To Drive

It’s the fifth episode of Gemhunter and I’m not fucking around anymore.

Let’s see if this Olsen Twins GameCube offering from n-Space (who later went on to do four brilliant DS versions of Call Of Duty games) is actually not the vapid shit it looks like it is.

Could it maybe, just maybe, actually be a hidden gem? Watch the video to find out… Continue reading “Gemhunter #5 – Mary-Kate & Ashley: Sweet 16 – Licensed To Drive”

Gemhunter #4 – Snowboard Racer 2

In the fourth Gemhunter instalment I take a look at Snowboard Racer 2, a snowboard racing game (believe it or not) from Midas Interactive Entertainment, the same publisher responsible for Boxing Champions.

That one wasn’t a gem, but could this be? Find out by watching the video. Continue reading “Gemhunter #4 – Snowboard Racer 2”