Gemhunter #11 – Cyber Speedway

After a not-so-brief hiatus – when you’ve just had a baby it’s hard to find enough uninterrupted time to make a lengthy, unedited video – Gemhunter is back!

This time the Sega Saturn makes its Gemhunter debut, as I try out the suspiciously WipEout-looking Cyber Speedway.

Does it hold a candle to that much-loved futuristic racing series, or is it little more than a pale imitation? Find out in the video below.

Gemhunter is my video series in which I try out forgotten, ignored, licensed or shovelware games I’ve never played in the hope of finding a hidden gem. The video is presented unedited so you can experience the game for the first time as I do. Enjoyed this video and want to see more? You can find past Gemhunter episodes here.

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