The Tired Old Hack NES Mini stream (REPLAY!)

nes-miniThe NES Mini is finally with us, even though that isn’t really what it’s called (it’s the NES Classic Edition in America and the Nintendo Classic Mini NES in Europe).

Over the past couple of weeks you may have seen all manner of YouTubers and website journalists giving their takes on the system. Now, as someone who paid legit cash money for the privilege of having to wait until launch day to get it, it’s my turn.

This Saturday (12 November 2016) I streamed all 30 NES Mini games in a massive five-hour Twitch stream. Continue reading “The Tired Old Hack NES Mini stream (REPLAY!)”

Retro Vault – Mega CD VHS promo, 1992

Retro Vault is my video series looking at vintage gaming from back in the day – both popular games and those forgotten over time.

In the first of a number of VHS-themed specials, today’s Retro Vault takes a look at the Sega Mega CD promotional VHS tape that was given away with the first issue of Mean Machines Sega magazine in the UK. Continue reading “Retro Vault – Mega CD VHS promo, 1992”

Gemhunter Live #6 – Portal Runner

In the first ever live episode of Gemhunter I took on 3DO’s PlayStation 2 platformer Portal Runner, a game boldly featuring a ‘97%’ sticker on its box.

Surely it couldn’t possibly be that good? Find out in this recording of the episode along with the viewer comments as they happened.

(Apologies for the sound quality in this episode, I was suffering technical problems which have since been sorted) Continue reading “Gemhunter Live #6 – Portal Runner”

Gemhunter #5 – Mary-Kate & Ashley: Sweet 16 – Licensed To Drive

It’s the fifth episode of Gemhunter and I’m not fucking around anymore.

Let’s see if this Olsen Twins GameCube offering from n-Space (who later went on to do four brilliant DS versions of Call Of Duty games) is actually not the vapid shit it looks like it is.

Could it maybe, just maybe, actually be a hidden gem? Watch the video to find out… Continue reading “Gemhunter #5 – Mary-Kate & Ashley: Sweet 16 – Licensed To Drive”

Gemhunter #4 – Snowboard Racer 2

In the fourth Gemhunter instalment I take a look at Snowboard Racer 2, a snowboard racing game (believe it or not) from Midas Interactive Entertainment, the same publisher responsible for Boxing Champions.

That one wasn’t a gem, but could this be? Find out by watching the video. Continue reading “Gemhunter #4 – Snowboard Racer 2”

Gemhunter #2 – Urban Freestyle Soccer

Gemhunter is my new video series in which I try out forgotten, ignored, licensed or shovelware games for the first time in the hope of finding a hidden gem.

The video is presented unedited so you can experience the game for the first time as I do.

The second instalment of Gemhunter looks at Urban Freestyle Soccer, Acclaim’s street football game from 2003. Could we have already found a hidden gem so early in the series, or is it as bad as the cover looks? Watch the video and find out… Continue reading “Gemhunter #2 – Urban Freestyle Soccer”

Exclusive – Night Trap mobile prototype footage

As you may already know, I’m an enormous fan of Night Trap, the 90s FMV game from Digital Pictures.

(If you aren’t familiar with the game I published a massive love letter and video review a while back, so fill your boots with that first.)

nighttrap_boxLast year there was a Kickstarter campaign for a remastered version of Night Trap, run by its current rights holders. The campaign died on its arse, partly because it was confusing and didn’t really offer an indication of how the finished game would look. However, part of the campaign read:

“In recent years we’ve been deluged with messages from fans who’ve said they want a new version of their favorite game, but with a degree of video quality that modern hardware can deliver. It’s our mission to deliver that product.”

They may not have delivered that product, but someone else has. Step forward Tyler Hogle, an indie developer who’s put together a working fan-made prototype of a mobile version of Night Trap for Android. Continue reading “Exclusive – Night Trap mobile prototype footage”