SNES Mini review

The Super Nintendo Entertainment System is one of the finest games consoles ever created.

Of the 783 games officially released for Nintendo’s 16-bit console in the west, an impressively high number are now considered classics.

The SNES Mini takes 20 of these games, adds one that was never released, and bundles them all in a self-contained miniature tribute to that glorious grey box that shaped the ‘90s for so many gamers.

The result is a solid piece of kit that does a good job of showing what the SNES was capable of… even though the number of games included does sort of undersell that a bit.

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New 2DS XL review

Hello Chris!

Oh, hello there, Completely Fictional Person Created For The Purpose Of Livening Up A Review Of A Minor Hardware Iteration! I haven’t seen you since the days of the PS2 Slim.

What’s that you have there?

This? Oh, glad you asked. This is the New 2DS XL. It’s the latest in Nintendo’s 3DS family. Continue reading “New 2DS XL review”

New 2DS XL unboxing and first hands-on impressions video

Nintendo will be releasing the New 2DS XL on 13 July in Japan and 28 July in the US and Europe.

The latest member of the 3DS family, the New 2DS XL is the budget offering in the ‘New’ range, clocking in at £50 cheaper than the New 3DS XL.

But how does it look, and is it worth the money? Yer man Scullion will be giving a full written review next week, but until then here’s a 12-minute video of me unboxing it and pointing out some of the key good and bad points. Continue reading “New 2DS XL unboxing and first hands-on impressions video”

Nintendo Switch hardware review

The big day is here. Nintendo has finally released either its seventh home console or its sixth handheld console, depending on how you look at it (I’ve already made my stance clear).

The Nintendo Switch is a hybrid device that can be played both on your TV and on the move, and Nintendo is hoping it’ll get things back on track after the Wii U’s disappointing sales.

Yer man Scullion was fortunate enough to receive one from Nintendo ahead of launch, so now it’s here it would be downright rude of me not to give my needlessly in-depth thoughts on every aspect of it. Continue reading “Nintendo Switch hardware review”

Nintendo Switch hardware hands-on impressions

Yesterday I attended the UK Nintendo Switch Premiere in London’s Hammersmith Apollo (or whatever it’s called these days).

There I went hands on with a bunch of games planned to launch for the Switch in its first couple of months.

Over the next week or so I’m going to be writing up a series of in-depth hands-on articles for each of these games, one at a time (except for Splatoon 2, which I unfortunately didn’t get time to try out).

Before that though, it makes sense that I would give my thoughts on the Switch hardware itself: its strengths, any weaknesses it may have and, ultimately, whether I personally think it’s worth the £279 / $299 price that’s caused so much controversy. Continue reading “Nintendo Switch hardware hands-on impressions”

PlayStation VR review

playstation-vr-boxThe future is finally here. Well, one potential future is, at least.

Despite Nintendo claiming it has no interest in virtual reality and Microsoft only cautiously promising Oculus support for its Scorpio console next year, Sony has made it clear in no uncertain terms that it’s very much on board the VR hype train.

The result of this is PlayStation VR, a headset designed exclusively for the PS4 which promises a (relatively) cheap way to join the virtual revolution.

The big questions are obvious. Does PlayStation VR really transform the way you play PS4 games? Will it make you ill? And is it the future of gaming? Continue reading “PlayStation VR review”

Xbox One S review

Disclaimer: unlike certain prolific YouTubers and the like, this review is not based on a free review sample of the Xbox One S hardware. I preordered and purchased this console at launch myself, and this review is an honest assessment of whether I feel my hard-earned money was well spent.

After enjoying obscene levels of success with the Xbox 360 last generation, Microsoft hasn’t quite dominated the industry this time around.

Xbox One S boxIts Xbox One trails behind the PlayStation 4 in terms of sales, and while Nintendo’s own problems with the Wii U have ensured Microsoft’s system isn’t going to finish third any time soon, it’s clear the One needs a rocket up its arse if it’s going to catch up with the PS4.

Enter the Xbox One S, the first of this generation’s obligatory system redesigns. Boasting a smaller frame, a new controller and support for 4K and HDR video, could the S be the console to overtake the PS4?

No. It couldn’t. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t still a nifty wee piece of kit. I should know, I just traded in my original day one Xbox One to buy an S and have been messing around with it since. The console that is, you filthy bastard.

The crucial questions are obvious – is it worth upgrading to the Xbox One S if you already have an Xbox One? And what if you don’t – is now finally the time to ‘jump in’, to coin a Microsoft slogan?

Read on as I try to answer these questions and many more. Well, a couple more. Continue reading “Xbox One S review”