FREE – Yer man Scullion’s two movie review ebooks

I obviously love video games, but I also have a love for horror movies: especially weird, cheesy or just plain terrible ones.

Before I started Tired Old Hack, I had my own site dedicated to these movies, which went by the name of That Was A Bit Mental. It’s still around, it just hasn’t been updated for a wee while.

When writing about video games was my full-time job, TWABM was my hobby and my way of experimenting with my writing style: it was my way of relaxing, because I was able to write freely without worrying about the editorial control that comes with writing for a publication owned by a company.

When CVG was closed down and I went freelance, I set up Tired Old Hack, and it rapidly replaced TWABM as my outlet for writing in my own style. As such, Tired Old Hack is now the site I use to relax and experiment with my writing style, while TWABM lies there like one of the many zombies dotted among its pages.

During the height of my TWABM phase I wrote two ebooks, each offering special ‘extended versions’ of 100 reviews from the site, with extra jokes, little bits of trivia at the end and advice on where to get them on DVD. I’ve had these ebooks on Amazon’s Kindle Store for a while now and they’ve always brought in a few quid here and there.

With the coronavirus currently doing the rounds and more of us being confined to our homes as each day passes, I figured I’d try to help you pass the time by offering you both ebooks for free. That’s 200 reviews of weird movies, spread out over some 180,000 words.

They’re in PDF format and are just saved as basic text, so you can either read them right away by clicking the links below or save them and read them on any e-reader app or device that suits you.

Fill your boots!

That Was A Bit Mental vol 1 (PDF)

That Was A Bit Mental vol 2 (PDF)

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