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It’s that time of year again, folks.

After releasing The NES Encyclopedia in 2019 and The SNES Encyclopedia last year, it was only fair that Sega should get in on the action too.

With that in mind, I give to you the third book in my series, The Sega Mega Drive & Genesis Encyclopedia.

Not only does this book cover every Mega Drive and Genesis book released in America, Europe and Australia, it also covers every Mega CD / Sega CD and 32X game released in those regions too.

That makes it the biggest book in the series so far, not only in terms of page count (its about 18 pages bigger than the SNES book), but also its number of games (991 in total).

As with last year, you can now pre-order a signed copy directly from me at the book’s cover price plus postage (UK only). Keep scrolling down if you want to do just that right now. Sorry, signed copies are now gone!

Also as before, the exact release date isn’t confirmed: the book’s being printed in Hong Kong this year so it’ll basically be ready when it’s ready, but I’d estimate late September or early October.

Last year there were two different versions of the book: the North American version showed the NTSC SNES (with its lilac buttons) on the cover, while the European version showed the PAL SNES (with its Super Famicom styled coloured buttons).

This time, to avoid the potential logistical nightmare of changing the words Mega Drive and Genesis throughout the book, it’s one book for the entire world. What you see here is what you get.

Want to see some sample spreads? Here’s one each from the Mega Drive, Mega CD and 32X sections.

As with my previous books, The Sega Mega Drive & Genesis Encyclopedia is available at all good book shops (and some rubbish ones too, probably). Be it Amazon (all countries), Waterstones, Barnes & Noble, Indigo Chapters or even Walmart, just search for ‘Chris Scullion’ on your site of choice and with any luck you’ll find it available to pre-order.

Whether you were quick enough to buy a signed copy directly from me, or you decide to buy one direct from the publisher or buy one from any other bookstore you prefer, thank you so much regardless.

The NES book was my dream project, and the fact that it now looks like I’m writing them on an annual basis for the foreseeable future is beyond anything I could have expected, and it’s all thanks to you lot buying them.

I really hope you enjoy this one when you get it, and I’ll see you next year for the Nintendo 64 Encyclopedia!

Chris x

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