4K Nintendo Wallpapers: The first wave

Hello there!

Earlier today I tweeted some AI upscaled versions of old Nintendo wallpapers (mostly Japanese ones), which I’d scaled up to 4K.

They seem to be quite popular but, as someone rightly pointed out, Twitter compresses them.

Here, then, are said wallpapers (as well as a few more). Clicking them should give you the full size, uncompressed versions.

Please note, though, that since these are AI upscales, there will still be some slight imperfections when you zoom them up to full size and scrutinise them in detail. There’s some dot-joining going on here with the machine learning so it isn’t going to be perfect zoomed in, but as wallpapers on your screen they should look fantastic.

At some point (when life’s a bit less hectic) I’d love to put together a proper wee archive of official video game wallpapers, going as far back as I can and upscaling them all. If any of you have collections of old wallpapers that you never got around to deleting, chuck me an email (contact details are at the side) because I’d love to get them and upscale them.

There’ll be (a lot) more of this to come if you like it.

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