Where to find me if the blue bird gets a bullet in the bonce

You may have noticed that Twitter is basically Mad Max at this point, and that Elon Musk – who in this situation is the equivalent of that really old evil guy – keeps pulling rules out of his arse like he was Mick Foley with thumbtacks.

While I don’t quite expect Twitter to just suddenly go under any time soon, I also didn’t expect the one-time richest man in the world to call a cave expert a “pedo guy”, liken the Canadian prime minister to Hitler, tweet “pronouns suck”, ban journalists who reported on a story about a separate Twitter account tracking him, run a car company that was ordered to pay $137 million to a Black employee after he was repeatedly subjected to racial abuse without disciplinary measures being taken, give one of his children some sort of weird equation instead of a name, or decide that linking to other social media on Twitter would get you suspended.

So, you know, just in case.

On the off-chance that Twitter does implode, then – and since posting my Linktree is apparently now a bannable offence – here’s all the other places you can find me, if you decide that you aren’t quite sick of my bullshit yet.

Twitter – Still there for now, and the place you’ll find me most regularly until it does a Fight Club and collapses while the Pixies’ Where is My Mind plays in the background.

Substack – My new email newsletter. I was planning to start this in 2023 anyway, but the rumours of Twitter’s closure forced my hand a bit early, so while it’s quiet at the moment there will be regular newsletters in your inbox starting next year.

Tired Old Hack – I mean, not to be rude, but if you can’t find Tired Old Hack from here then you probably also can’t find your own arse.

Twitch – Now that I’ve finished writing my Dreamcast Encyclopedia, I’m going to be streaming fairly regularly going forwards, so follow me on there for notifcations any time I go live.

YouTube – As an accompaniment to Tired Old Hack, you can find a bunch of my game-related videos here already and there are a lot more to come starting next year.

Instagram – I don’t use this a lot but I’ll use it much more if Twitter ever pegs it, so follow me now for the occasional photo of retro hardware.

Discord – Did you know there’s a Tired Old Hack Discord server? Don’t say ‘no’, because I literally just told you there’s one, so if you say ‘no’ now you’re a liar, even it’s only been a couple of seconds.

TikTok – I’m about 20 years too old for this shit, but if Twitter goes under you’d better believe I’ll be giving it a go anyway. My days of worrying about my image are long gone.

That Was a Bit Mental – Not everyone is interested in reading my reviews of horror and B-movies, and that’s perfectly fine. If you are, though, this is coming back in 2023 so fill your boots.

Cohost – This is currently not being used, but is simply there as a backup. If and when Twitter does go under, this will probably be the social media site I jump over to instead.

Buy my books! – Finally, this isn’t technically any sort of social media or anything but if you think I’m going to pass up an opportunity to pimp my books again, you’re out of your mind.

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