Exclusive – Night Trap mobile prototype footage

As you may already know, I’m an enormous fan of Night Trap, the 90s FMV game from Digital Pictures.

(If you aren’t familiar with the game I published a massive love letter and video review a while back, so fill your boots with that first.)

nighttrap_boxLast year there was a Kickstarter campaign for a remastered version of Night Trap, run by its current rights holders. The campaign died on its arse, partly because it was confusing and didn’t really offer an indication of how the finished game would look. However, part of the campaign read:

“In recent years we’ve been deluged with messages from fans who’ve said they want a new version of their favorite game, but with a degree of video quality that modern hardware can deliver. It’s our mission to deliver that product.”

They may not have delivered that product, but someone else has. Step forward Tyler Hogle, an indie developer who’s put together a working fan-made prototype of a mobile version of Night Trap for Android.

He released this video a month ago showing it in action:

The internet being what it is, I’ve seen a few folks on various forums and the like declaring it fake. Trust me, it isn’t. I know, because I’ve been playing it.

Graciously, Tyler has given me a copy of his prototype and allowed me to capture some footage in the hope it’ll help spread the word that it exists, gather some buzz and get the rights owners to maybe, just maybe, agree to let him work on a mobile Night Trap game using the original high-quality footage (the prototype uses video from the 32X version).

Here, then, is my hands-on video preview of Tyler’s fan-made Night Trap mobile prototype.

Spread the word and help make this happen!

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