TOH Podcast 17 – Permadeath and permafrost

It’s been a while, but the podcast is back!

In episode 17 of the Tired Old Hack podcast yer classic power couple is reunited as I’m once again joined by my gaming indifferent wife Louise.

This episode we cover, among other things:

• Women’s basketball in NBA Live 18
• The Hellblade permadeath fuckshow
• Shadow Of War’s loot crates
• What should the next Splatoon 2 Splatfest be?

How to listen

If you’re just listening while browsing, the podcast was at the top of this article. Click play and you’re off and running.

If you’d rather have the MP3 as a downloadable file so you can stick it on your media player of choice, right-click and save this link.

If you’ve got iTunes, you can find the podcast there by searching for ‘Tired Old Hack’ or just following this link. Please subscribe if you enjoy it, and write up a wee review.

Or, if you’d rather use your own podcast app, use this feed URL to subscribe to the podcast and get access to new episodes as they’re added:

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