VHS Preservation Project #5: NMS Street Fighter II Player’s Guide

The Video Game VHS Preservation Project is an attempt to digitise as many video game VHS tapes as possible for the purposes of preservation. Click here for more information.

The fifth tape in my VHS Preservation Project should hopefully be an interesting one for fans of Street Fighter II

The Street Fighter II Player’s Guide was given away with issue 3 (December 1992) of Nintendo Magazine System.

It comes with commentary by the legendary Julian Rignall and Gary Harrod, and it’s worth a watch.

How to watch

You can watch the video right here:


I’ve recorded a commentary track for this video (and will be doing so with all videos in the future), in case you want a bit more context on what you’re seeing. If you’re interested, get stuck in:

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I’m based in the UK so I’m mainly looking at doing UK videos for now, but will happily preserve US tapes too as long as you don’t mind the shipping costs.

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