VHS Preservation Project #7: Mean Machines Sega Mega CD promo video

The Video Game VHS Preservation Project is an attempt to digitise as many video game VHS tapes as possible for the purposes of preservation. Click here for more information.

Tape number seven in my VHS Preservation Project is one I actually uploaded to my YouTube channel a number of years ago, but the upload was much poorer quality.

This is a video that was given away free with issue 3 (December 1992) of Mean Machines Sega, a popular UK games magazine that was spawned when Mean Machines split into separate Sega and Nintendo publications.

This video contains Sega’s entire eight-minute promo video Sega Mega CD: Games Without Frontiers, followed by a strange football competition and then footage of a handful of PAL region games, including Streets Of Rage 2 and Ecco The Dolphin.

How to watch

Usually I’m able to provide a YouTube link to the video.

However, the classic music that plays at the start of this VHS tape is copyrighted and has a worldwide block, so I had to remove it from YouTube. This is out of my control.

Instead, I’ve uploaded the full high-quality version to archive.org – you won’t be able to stream the high-quality version from there because the site isn’t fast enough for that, but you will be able to stream a low-res version (click the ‘OGG video’ link on the right-hand side of the page) or download the full h.264 MP4 video and watch it on your PC.

Here’s the link.



I’ve recorded a commentary track for this video (and will be doing so with all videos in the future), in case you want a bit more context on what you’re seeing.

Because the commentary is recorded over the licensed music, this version IS available on YouTube. You can watch it here:

If you have VHS tapes you’d like to donate to this project that you can’t already see in the header image on this article, please do send me an email or a DM on Twitter and let me know what you have.

I’m based in the UK so I’m mainly looking at doing UK videos for now, but will happily tapes from the US and other countries too as long as you don’t mind the shipping costs.

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