Sega Mega Drive Classics (Switch) video review

I already reviewed Sega Mega Drive Classics (known as Sega Genesis Classics in North America) when it was released on the Xbox One and PS4 this past summer.

If you want to read my general thoughts on it, head over there and fill your boots.

It’s now coming to Switch this week, and those interested are keen to know thing: how well does it run on Nintendo’s system?

So, rather than just tell you, I’ve decided to turn this review into an epic hour-long video, showing all 51 games in action and concluding with my final thoughts.

By the time you’ve finished this video, you’ll have seen the entire line-up of games included, know what they’re about, and know how they run on the Switch.


Sega Mega Drive Classics is out on Nintendo Switch on 6 December. You can pre-order it from Amazon UK for £29.99. It’s also currently available on Xbox One and PS4.

In order that I could write this review, I received a digital copy of the game from Sega. The content of my review and the opinions therein were in no way positively influenced by this.

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  1. That probably won’t have a proper Virtual Console on eshop for the Switch like we had on Wii/Wii U times. So, this gaming collection becomes a great option. Gunstar Heroes was an excellent addition when compared to the Sega Mega Drive Ultimate Collection from last generation. It would be nice if they had included both Monster World games, Castle of Illusion, Virtua Racing, G-Loc. Anyway, it is nice to have the opportunity of playing such classics on the go. By the way, the Mega Drive is my favorite console ever.

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