The 30 best photos of Koichi Sugiyama

Koichi SugiyamaIf you aren’t familiar with the name Koichi Sugiyama, you should be by the time this article ends.

Sugiyama is a music composer, best known for composing pretty much all the music from the Dragon Quest games, starting way back in 1986 with the original.

Now aged 84 years young, he was recently seen in Japan celebrating the announcement of Theatrhythm Dragon Quest, Square Enix’s latest rhythm action title, which may as well have just been called Sugiyama: The Game.

Sadly, he’s also a bit of a dick: back in 2007 he helped start a campaign arguing that the Nanking Massacre and the Japanese army’s use of women as sexual slaves during World War II didn’t happen.

It’s neither Sugiyama’s music nor his offensive attempts at revising history that draw me to him, however. His face does.

For a while, Sugiyama ran a website called Sugimania (not a joke) in which he posted news about what he was up to. This also included a handful of photo galleries showing him out and about.

These photos are bloody marvellous. And to prove it, here are my 30 favourite ones, in reverse order (keep going, they get superb).

And if the idea of making fun of an old man’s tourist photos sounds cruel, remember: he’s an absolute arsehole.

Sugiyama 30

30) Sugiyama standing outside in the snow

Sugiyama 29

29) Sugiyama sitting at a desk next to a woman and a laughing man

Sugiyama 28

28) Sugiyama standing proudly in front of a tree while a woman in a white hat hides

Sugiyama 27

27) Sugiyama at Stonehenge

Sugiyama 26

26) Sugiyama showing off Theatrhythm Dragon Quest, and also his jumper

Sugiyama 25

25) Sugiyama investigating a shrub

Sugiyama 24

24) Sugiyama enjoying the view

Sugiyama 23

23) Sugiyama imitating a statue

Sugiyama 22

22) Sugiyama posing next to food

Sugiyama 21

21) Sugiyama giving a thumbs up while preparing to support it with his other hand should the need arise

Sugiyama 20

20) Sugiyama shading his eyes from the sun so dramatically his eyes remain unshaded

Sugiyama 19

19) Sugiyama playing DS while enjoying a cheeky smoke

Sugiyama 18

18) Sugiyama standing underneath a tree

Sugiyama 17

17) Sugiyama contemplating his curry

Sugiyama 16

16) Sugiyama straddling between a bridge and a path

Sugiyama 15

15) Sugiyama rocking a fucker of a hairdo and enjoying another cheeky smoke

Sugiyama 14

14) Sugiyama spread eagle on the grass

Sugiyama 13

13) Sugiyama holding an onion

Sugiyama 12

12) Sugiyama flanked by Dragon Quest monsters

Sugiyama 11

11) Sugiyama taking a photo of his photographer while enjoying a cheeky smoke

Sugiyama 10

10) Sugiyama casually enjoying a good lean

Sugiyama 9

9) Sugiyama holding a sword in front of three other men rocking his fucker of a hairdo

Sugiyama 8

8) Sugiyama elaborately pointing at a sign

Sugiyama 7

7) Sugiyama with a priest

Sugiyama 6

6) Sugiyama pointing off-screen, once again preparing to support his arm

Sugiyama 5

5) Sugiyama exhibiting snow

Sugiyama 4

4) Sugiyama with two vintage cameras, the left of which has an unintentional smiley face

Sugiyama 3

3) Sugiyama posing with a crab

Sugiyama 2

2) Sugiyama shaking hands with a hand made of hands

Sugiyama 1

1) Sugiyama struggling to comprehend the concept of a hand made of hands



  1. Nice collection. This man clearly knows what his fans want and a picture of himself holding an onion is, bizarrely, what they’re after.

  2. For a moment after seeing his incredible hair he shot up to very near the top of my favourite person rankings, and then I remembered his denial of Japanese war crimes and he dropped back to roughly where he was.

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