The week in games 27/5 – snake in a PS4, shit Mega Man

‘The week in games’ is my weekly series covering the week’s gaming news in a (hopefully) humorous way. If you missed the last edition, check it out here.

Where the Street has two names

Capcom has confirmed that the names of the two chaps who fight each other at the start of the Street Fighter II arcade intro are Max and Scott, putting to rest 25 years of speculation.

In further news, the company is also expected to announce that the massive skyscraper that features at the start of the Mega Man 2 intro is called Colin.

street fighter max scott

The Odour 1886

snakeAn electrician in Brazil was trying to fix a PS4 when he noticed a horrible smell coming from it.

Opening the console up, he discovered a dead snake, which had seemingly crawled into the console and fused with the circuit board, getting electrocuted in the process.

While there’s no denying this was a freak occurrence, it will no doubt give PS4 fanboys another reason to praise their system of choice by claiming an Xbox One would have only had enough power to stun it.

Zelda while U wait

zelda wii uNintendo has announced that its Legend Of Zelda Wii U demos at E3 may take up to 90 minutes to play through.

The company will be offering “two extended demos” which will give players an idea of the Zelda Wii U experience.

Apparently the first will be a 60-minute demo letting players explore Hyrule Field, while the second will be a 30-minute demo in which the player uses the Wii U’s slow OS to upload a single screenshot to Miiverse.

Craft in the static

The Warcraft movie is now in cinemas and is expected to make around $25 million and place third or fourth in its opening weekend in the US.

It’s perhaps not as positive a projection as Universal-Legendary had hoped, but this may be down to the studio’s odd screening gimmick: moviegoers have to line up outside the screen and discuss the film in advance, at which point a single customer called Leeroy must barge in, watch the film on his own and come out declaring it was a bit shit.

Nega Man

mega man cartoonA new Mega Man animated series is due to launch next year courtesy of Dentsu Entertainment and DHX Media.

The series will be aimed at “kids 6 to 9, as well as their parents who grew up loving the video games.”

It’s not all good news though, as fans are already expressing concerns about the way Mega Man looks in a promotional image accompanying the announcement.

Skinny, frail-looking and sporting an oddly simple-looking face, a Mega Man fan is generally easy to spot.

Shitey No 9

One of the bigwigs behind Mighty No 9 has joined Twitter in expressing his dissatisfaction at the latest trailer for the game.

Inti Creates chief exec Takuya Aizu called out publisher Deep Silver on Twitter, asking “what the hell was [it] thinking making a crappy [promotional video] like this? Unforgivable.”

The trailer has received a ton of downvotes since it was published on YouTube, thanks in part to cringeworthy lines like “make the bad guys cry like an anime fan on prom night”.

As someone who’s seen more than his fair share of piss-poor marketing campaigns over the years, I’d like to suggest an easy fix.

All Deep Silver needs to do is reupload the trailer with the above offending line changed to “make the bad guys cry like a Mega Man fan who helped pay over $4 million in advance for a $900,000 game they expected to get by April 2015”.

This War Of Mine

minecraft battle modeMinecraft will soon be getting a new PvP battle mode, allowing eight players to use randomly-generated resources to fight each other.

The free update gives players a period of invincibility to let them craft weaponry, after which the battle starts and they engage in combat.

Inspired by the announcement of a mode that focuses on the least enjoyable aspect of a game, Naughty Dog is considering a free update to The Last Of Us with a new mode in which you just stand there firing your bow and arrow at enemies.

It really Disney matter

A petition to save the recently cancelled Disney Infinity series has reached 10,000 signatures.

The petition was started by 13-year-old Disney Infinity fan Tim Wanders, who wants Disney to reconsider the decision to pull the plug on the franchise.

disney infinity

In a way it’s reminiscent of Disney / Pixar’s Up, in which a young boy is responsible for breathing new life into an exhausted retiree.

Sadly though, given Disney’s decision to exit game publishing entirely, it seems that Infinity is destined to follow less in the footsteps of Up’s elderly protagonist Carl Fredericksen and more in those of his wife.

Grin and bear it

teddy togetherFinally, Nintendo has announced Teddy Together, a “fun and educational virtual toy game” for 3DS.

Aimed at young children, Teddy Together lets players name their teddy and dress him up in a variety of outfits.

The game’s release was allegedly delayed so that Nintendo could censor it for the west, removing the ability to dress Teddy in a pair of arseless chaps.

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