Hack of All Trades #2 – PC Building Simulator (Xbox One)

Hack of All Trades is my regular video series in which I try out ‘simulator’ games based on actual jobs to see how well I’d fare doing those jobs in real life.

I recorded the first Hack of All Trades a mere fortnight before my daughter was born, so it’s hopefully understandable that episode 2 comes a mere 13 months later. Safe to say the third video will have a much smaller wait.

This time I’m taking a look at PC Building Simulator. Released on the PC earlier this year, it’s just launched on Xbox One, Switch and PS4. I decided to give the Xbox One version a go to see if I’ve got what it takes.


PC Building Simulator is available now on Steam, Xbox One, Switch and PS4.

In order that I could make this video, I received a code for the game from a PR. The content of the video was in no way influenced by this.

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