The week in games: Kojima’s birthday, Jimmy Kimmel

gallery-hitman1Agent 47, the second movie based on the Hitman series of games, was released last week and currently has a score of 28 on Metacritic. Nonsensical, ill-thought-out and potentially financially devastating for people involved in it, Metacritic is a review aggregator that launched in 1999.

Hideo Kojima turned 52 on Monday, but when his Facebook friends got a notification reminding them about it, they were simply shown the word “Birthday” with the Konami logo next to it.

Lego Jurassic World was the number one best-selling game in the UK for the second week running, while Jurassic World itself became the third-biggest grossing movie of all time. Everybody’s gone to the raptors (sorry).

Not that sorry, though
Not that sorry, though

EA Sports teamed up with Uber for a deal in which special Uber drivers in all 32 cities with NFL teams would give free copies of Madden NFL 16 to passengers who booked them. Apparently the deal took a while to iron out because Uber wasn’t used to dealing with something officially licenced.

Harmonix announced ten more tracks that will launch alongside Rock Band 4, including ‘The Impression That I Get’ by the Mighty Mighty Bosstones. The game disc itself will contain over 60 songs, one for each Mighty Mighty Bosstones fan still in existence.

Fatal-Frame-bodyNintendo will be releasing Fatal Frame: Maiden Of Black Water in the UK in a ‘free to start’ form, which contains the first two chapters and then makes players pay for the rest. Cynics have suggested this is just a rebranded demo, much like Nintendo rebranded its DLC as ‘Add-On Content’. Nintendo has disputed such accusations, and promises it will use a similar release method for its upcoming game Colourful Moustachioed Man Athletic Obstacle Course.

Avalanche Studios, the development team responsible for Just Cause 3, is launching a promotional contest in which one lucky entrant will win their very own real-life island. Naturally, there’s a catch: the island is not guaranteed to be inhabitable, and its value will be no greater than a mere $50,000. Avalanche hasn’t revealed the island’s location yet, but I managed to acquire this exclusive photo:

The original Turok: Dinosaur Hunter and its sequel Turok 2: Seeds Of Evil are being given remastered PC versions, with enhanced graphics. Back in the day a man with a tent attempted to spend 50 days queuing in Oxford Street for the release of a Turok game. This time, in keeping with the port’s improved visuals, the man will be replaced with Chris Hemsworth.

EA Sports, who previously added Bruce Lee as DLC in its UFC game, has now added the Hong Kong martial arts legend to the mobile version of UFC too. This means you can now take the game with you to Lake View Cemetery in Seattle and see if you can actually hear him turning in his grave as you play.

Jimmy Kimmel recently slammed the newly-launched YouTube Gaming by saying: “To me, watching another person play video games is like going to a restaurant and having someone eat their food for you.” Kimmel is the host of Jimmy Kimmel Live, a late-night talk show that lets viewers watch someone else have a conversation so you don’t have to talk to people in real life.

windows-10-candy-crushFinally, Microsoft has announced that Windows 10 has been installed on more than 75 million devices. In related news, the Candy Crush Saga icon featured as standard on Windows 10’s Start menu has been uninstalled more than 75 million times.

The Week In Games is my new semi-regular series covering recent gaming events in the past seven days. If you’re after some more, here’s the last one I did.

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