TOH Podcast 1 – Origins

For a while, folk have been asking me to do a Tired Old Hack podcast. Well, get your gums wrapped around this wee bastard.

What you see above you is the pilot episode of the Tired Old Hack podcast. An hour and 20 minutes of gaming goodness (hopefully) recorded just for your lovely earholes.

And they’re looking particularly lovely today, if I do say so myself.

Within the confines of episode 1, you can expect to hear:

• A brief recap of who I am and my career to date (for those who stumble upon this episode through iTunes in the future and don’t know me)

• My first ever guest interviewee: my wife Louise Scullion, who definitely wanted to do this podcast and wasn’t just roped in because she was the only person available at short notice

nes-mini• A look at recent gaming news, including attempts at hacking the NES Classic, the unreleased Mega Blox Halo game and the news that Conan O’Brien’s Clueless Gamer is getting its own TV series

• Your questions answered, including a lengthy discussion on what I’m hoping will be revealed at the upcoming Nintendo Switch event

• The first part of my regular series, The Year Of Louise-y, in which I try to find a game my non-gaming wife can get addicted to.

How to listen

If you’re just listening while browsing, the podcast was at the top of this article. Click play and you’re off and running.

If you’d rather have the MP3 as a downloadable file so you can stick it on your media player of choice, right-click and save this link.

If you’ve got iTunes, you can find the podcast there by searching for ‘Tired Old Hack’ or just following this link. Please subscribe if you enjoy it, and write up a wee review.

Or, if you’d rather use your own podcast app, use this feed URL to subscribe to the podcast and get access to new episodes as they’re added:

Jingles needed(?)

The episode contains a section in which I ask people to submit jingles for the podcast. I haven’t yet decided whether I actually want to do this because I quite like the sound effects I’ve used in their place.

One thing I definitely do want, though, is a brief 5-10 second jingle for the Year Of Louise-y section, in which I trey to get my wife addicted to a game. Something that sounds suitably Luigi-esque would be lovely.

If you’re the sort who dabbles with little jingles and musical stings, chuck me a sample at I’ll play them all in a future episode and get the listeners to vote on the best.

Want to help support the podcast, and Tired Old Hack in general? Back me on Patreon and you’ll get my first draft of each episode first, the moment it’s finished. Everyone else will get it through the site and iTunes the following day.


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