TOH Podcast 6 – Mike Jackson part 2

Put this in your ears and smoke it. or something.

Episode 6 of the Tired Old Hack podcast features the conclusion of my two-part interview with former ONM, OXM and CVG journalist Mike Jackson. If you haven’t heard episode 5 (which had part 1) yet, you’d best listen to that first.

This time we properly get into the Switch, discussing the launch games and what we think of the software line-up in general.

Ultimately, this leads to the inevitable as two enormous Mario fans draw their attention to Super Mario Odyssey. Wait until you hear my idea for the ending: it will blow the piss right out of your bladder.

Note: As with the last episode, an issue with my Skype recording software meant that on occasion my microphone would make a static noise. This will be fixed in future episodes. Sorry for the mild unpleasantness.

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  1. Lots more of this kinda stuff please. As a collector of 11 years of Nintendo mags I love hearing from the people who worked on them. And Mike really knows his stuff.

    If you could get Mike and Kate on again that’d be awesome. Also Chandra and Matt.

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