The TOH Philips CD-i Adventure part 1

The Philips CD-i is supposed to be one of the worst games consoles ever released.

That’s according to the vast majority of the gaming public, many of whom have never played a CD-i (only a million were sold, not much more than the Virtual Boy) but are happy to go along with the consensus.

Admittedly, I count myself as one of these people. I was never ‘fortunate’ enough to own a CD-i, but as someone with an odd love for bad games I’ve always been curious to get hold of one and see if it truly is as shite as is claimed.

I’m happy to announce I now own a CD-i, and am now ready to take that journey.

The Tired Old Hack Philips CD-i Adventure will be a regular video series in which I play through a number of CD-i games to see if I can find any that break the general rule that they’re all pish.

In the first episode, I:

• try my wild west shooting skills in Mad Dog McCree
• find out about Yellowstone in A National Parks Tour
• put a tenner on the gee-gees in A Great Day At The Races
• get utterly bewildered and fuck up the sound levels in Alien Gate
• get stuck into some platforming with The Apprentice


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