Sony E3 2017 conference: exclusive script leak

Two years ago, yer man Scullion managed to use his contacts to secure an early copy of the script being used for Sony’s E3 2015 conference.

Barring a few last-minute changes, it was pretty much 100% accurate.

People have been asking me if I’ve been able to secure a copy this time around, and if so whether it’s the real deal again.

Does the Pope shit in the woods? Continue reading “Sony E3 2017 conference: exclusive script leak”

The TOH Philips CD-i Adventure part 1

The Philips CD-i is supposed to be one of the worst games consoles ever released.

That’s according to the vast majority of the gaming public, many of whom have never played a CD-i (only a million were sold, not much more than the Virtual Boy) but are happy to go along with the consensus.

Admittedly, I count myself as one of these people. I was never ‘fortunate’ enough to own a CD-i, but as someone with an odd love for bad games I’ve always been curious to get hold of one and see if it truly is as shite as is claimed.

I’m happy to announce I now own a CD-i, and am now ready to take that journey. Continue reading “The TOH Philips CD-i Adventure part 1”

10 characters who should be in ARMS

Nintendo’s latest original game is ARMS, which is coming to the Switch on 16 June.

In case you don’t already know, it’s a fighting game in which all the characters have extendable arms, meaning they can attack from a distance. I played it way back in January: here were my obscenely early hands-on impressions.

Nintendo has promised that, as was the case with Splatoon, ARMS will be supported after launch with a bunch of free downloadable content updates.

This will include new stages, new types of arm and – most interestingly – new playable fighters.

Now, if you ask me, this opens the door to a bunch of new possibilities. Friends, I’m thinking crossovers. Continue reading “10 characters who should be in ARMS”

Gemhunter #9 – American Chopper

It’s time for more gem-hunting goodness as I trawl through gaming’s forgotten releases in search of a hidden gem.

This time it’s American Chopper, an Xbox game published by Activision which is based on the Discovery Channel series of the same name.

As someone who’s never seen the show and doesn’t know the first thing about motorbikes my hopes aren’t high, but could it surprise me? Find out in the video. Continue reading “Gemhunter #9 – American Chopper”

Ultra Street Fighter II (Switch) review

Nintendo / Capcom

Street Fighter is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year. While its popularity may have started in the arcades, gamers of a certain age (i.e. old pricks like me) will always associate it with Nintendo too.

The Super Famicom version of Street Fighter II was the game that got countless western SNES gamers curious about importing, with magazines like Super Play guiding us through the process.

I distinctly remember convertor cartridges being sold out of independent game shops all over Glasgow as I (well, my dad) and many others happily dropped upwards of £100 on the Japanese version of the game so we didn’t have to wait six months for the European release.

For the longest time the SNES version of Street Fighter II and its ‘sequel’ Street Fighter II Turbo were the big winning blow in the 16-bit console wars, the game Mega Drive owners were jealous they didn’t have. Until they got it a year later, mind.

My (needlessly long) point is that when I think back to the early days of Street Fighter II, my mind goes back to the early ‘90s as I played it for hours every night on the SNES, wearing out my L and R shoulder buttons with endless Dragon Punches, Spinning Bird Kicks and Hundred-Hand Slaps.

It’s fitting, then, that Capcom should celebrate Street Fighter’s 30th anniversary with a return to Nintendo and what it hopes is the definitive version of the game that kicked it all off in the first place. And for the most part, it’s succeeded. Continue reading “Ultra Street Fighter II (Switch) review”

Let’s watch GamesMaster series 1

The first episode of GamesMaster aired on Channel 4 in the UK on 7 January 1992. It was the first UK TV show dedicated to video games, and to 25 years later it remains the best.

To celebrate the glory that was GamesMaster, I decided to start watching it all over again from the start, but I decided to stream it as I did.

Joined by a bunch of lovely Tired Old Hack readers and Twitter followers, I streamed all 10 episodes from Series 1 over the course of three nights. Continue reading “Let’s watch GamesMaster series 1”

Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows Of Valentia (3DS) review

Nintendo / Intelligent Systems
Nintendo 3DS

Hey! Remember Fire Emblem Gaiden? Of course you don’t, you lying bastard: it was released on the Famicom (NES) in Japan 25 years ago and never made it to the west.

But fret not, because it’s back as a shiny new 3DS remake, complete with a much less concise title – Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows Of Valentia.

Let’s be clear, though: this ain’t your daddy’s Fire Emblem. Um, unless yer da used to live in Hokkaido or something in the early ’90s.

Echoes tells the story of the continent of Valentia, which has been divided by warring nations. One country worships the earth god Mila, whereas another worships the dark god Duma.

You play two different campaigns at once: one involving a young lad called Alm, and one starring a similarly youthful lass by the name of Celica.

Alm and Celica were childhood friends, but ‘events’ split them up early in their lives and they each go on to lead different armies on opposite sides. If you think this means an awkward reunion is inevitable, then… well, yes. Obviously. Continue reading “Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows Of Valentia (3DS) review”