The week in games: Jamie Lee Curtis, Five Nights At Freddy’s 4

Jamie Lee Curtis VegaJamie Lee Curtis surprised gamers by revealing she’d gone to the Evo 2015 fighting game tournament dressed up as Vega. It turns out she was there with the rest of her family as a graduation treat for her son, who’s a massive fighting game fan, but she had decided to wear the Vega costume for anonymity. Apparently, her son didn’t want anyone to find out his mum was in Christmas With The Kranks.

Speaking of fighting games, Capcom has announced that Street Fighter V’s DLC characters will be available via an in-game currency system, meaning players can either buy them with real cash (i.e. the now normal way) or with ‘Fight Money’ earned in-game. For now fans are applauding the move but they won’t be so happy when it inevitably turns out you’ll need to fight 60,000 times just to be able to afford Dan.

Warner Bros has released a new trailer showing off the next character from the Mortal Kombat X DLC Kombat Pack: Tremor. When it first announced the Kombat Pack, Warner promised it would include “two klassic Mortal Kombat kombatants”.

The first was Tanya, who was in Mortal Kombat 4, but Tremor’s only other appearance was as a non-playable character in shit PS1 spin-off Mortal Kombat Special Forces.

Rumour has it Warner is planning a second DLC pack featuring more characters considered just as ‘klassic’, including a hooded enemy who appeared once in the fourth level of Mortal Kombat Mythologies: Sub Zero on the N64, and the guy who shouted “Mortal Kombaaaat” in the song from the movie.

Rory McIlroy PGA Tour topped the UK charts, making it the first PGA game to do so since Tiger Woods PGA Tour 09. No doubt helped by the Open at St Andrews dominating the news, EA’s golf game went straight in at number 1, which is coincidentally the number of worthwhile game modes it’s launched with.

Microsoft has confirmed that Windows 10, which launches next week, will continue to be supported until 2025. The company reportedly decided on this target because that’s when the 2015 models of its Surface tablets are expected to drop to a reasonable price.

fifa-scotEA has revealed that woman footballers Alex Morgan and Christine Sinclair will star on the US and Canadian covers of FIFA 16 respectively. I can exclusively reveal that the Scottish edition will instead feature Partick Thistle mascot Kingsley.

Naughty Dog is releasing a special vinyl edition of The Last Of Us soundtrack this week, priced at $75. Naturally, playing it loud will annoy your neighbours but presumably if you get a teenage girl to play it for you they won’t hear a fucking thing no matter how much noise she makes.

A new website called How Long To Beat Steam looks at your Steam library and estimates how long it’ll take you to complete your unfinished games. Apparently it’ll take me 9,011 hours to beat all mine: or, to put it another way, three PlayStation system updates.

The new CEO of 22cans, Simon Phillips, has stressed the studio is doing everything it can to make good on the promises made regarding the constantly troubled Godus. Studio founder Peter Molyneux hired Phillips to help oversee the business side of 22cans, which came as a disappointment to staff because he promised he’d be bringing in Mark Zuckerberg.

EA Sports and Real Madrid have announced an exclusive partnership, meaning FIFA 16 will feature exclusive content including full likenesses of 14 Real Madrid players and the Santiago Bernabéu stadium. This is massive news for FIFA fans, who in FIFA 15 had to put up with only having full likenesses of at least 14 Real Madrid players and the Santiago Bernabéu stadium.

This is FIFA 15. Expect FIFA 16 to... um, offer pretty much the same thing
This is FIFA 15. Expect FIFA 16 to… um, offer pretty much the same thing

The long-running court battle against Microsoft over alleged disc-scratching of Xbox 360 games finally looks like it’s making some progress, with the 9th US Circuit Court of Appeals shutting down the possibility of any further appeals from Microsoft.

The case dates back to 2007 following reports that some Xbox 360 consoles scratched discs, but it’s only now that the argument is finally starting to heat up: at which point the prosecution will throw a massive towel over the courtroom and try to force a red-ring.

Slightly Mad Games has officially cancelled the Wii U version of Project Cars, even though when it was initially crowdfunding the game it did so while claiming it would be coming to PC and Wii U.

Naturally, this has upset some who feel Wii U owners who put money into the game during its early development process have been shafted, but they really should have smelled a rat when they saw a third-party developer willingly offering to make a game for it.

Aye, bullshit mate
Aye, bullshit mate

A fan-made remake of Resident Evil 2 is due for release sometime this summer. The developers, who have recreated Raccoon City in Unreal Engine 4, modelled the police station on the one they plan to end up at when Capcom finds out what they’re doing.

Sam Barlow, the creator of the excellent Her Story, has said that he doesn’t plan to clarify the game’s ambiguous mystery and much prefers the idea of players coming to their own conclusions.

Which means my own theory – that she was in a coma for five years and OJ Simpson actually did it while she slept, and she’s just covering for him because she was a massive fan of his NFL career – is just as valid as any of the shit you’ve come up with.

Cake Wars Mario cakeThe latest episode of American TV show Cake Wars was a special Super Mario themed show, in which contestants had to create the best Mario cake. The winner, Cory Pohlman, walked away with a cool $10,000, which he proceeded to spend on a single Virtual Console game on the Wii U eShop.

Square Enix has revealed that brilliant time-travelling adventure game Life Is Strange has surpassed one million sales since the debut episode was released in January. In fairness though, 230,000 of those sales were achieved by a single Square Enix employee paid to keep rewinding time and buy the game over and over.

Five Nights At Freddy’s 4 has been released early by its developer Scott Cawthon. Despite its title, the game is not set at Freddy’s and takes place over six nights. In other news, Cawthon has agreed to develop a remake of Batman: Arkham City which will star Wonder Woman and be set in Brighton.

Finally, a hidden easter egg has been spotted in Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes which may suggest Kojima was warning us about the impending split between his studio and Konami. Ground Zeroes was released 16 months ago: the only reason the easter egg has been discovered now is because the cutscene revealing it has only just finished playing.

That’s all for the first instalment of The Week In Games. Let me know if it even gently brushed against your funny bone (or, indeed, if it didn’t) and if you’d like to see more in the future.


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