TOH Podcast 5 – Mike Jackson part 1

A podcast, you say? Get stuck into this one.

Episode 5 of the Tired Old Hack podcast is the first in a two-part special in which I’m joined by my lovely friend Mike Jackson.

Mike and I go back over a decade: he was a writer on Nintendo: The Official Magazine, which was the UK’s official Nintendo publication before it moved to Future Publishing and became ONM (which is when I joined).

Over the years he worked for Official Xbox Magazine and CVG, before moving to Las Vegas to live the high life there.

He remains a massive Nintendo fan though, so it should be no surprise that much of our conversation is about the upcoming Switch.

However, there are also some ridiculous anecdotes about working for Nintendo: The Official Magazine which really do have to be heard to be believed.

Note: This was the first podcast I’ve done that consisted of a Skype call. An issue with my Skype recording software meant that on occasion my microphone would make a static noise. This will be present in this episode and the next (since it’s a two-parter) but will be fixed in future episodes. Sorry for the mild unpleasantness.

How to listen

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