Totaku figures #01-06: World exclusive review

Anyone who knows me knows I’m an absolute fiend when it comes to collectible figurines.

Yer man Scullion currently owns a complete set of 70 Lego Dimensions characters, a complete set of 105 Disney Infinity figures, 116 amiibo – incomplete, because nobody needs two Kirbys – and precisely zero Skylanders (because obviously).

Later in March the first wave of Totaku figures hits the UK and US. They’re going to be sold exclusively at Gamestop in the US, and in a handful of stores in the UK (most notably GAME).

Given my obsession with collecting similar figures, you’d hopefully agree that I’d be the man to trust when it comes to reviewing these Totaku thingies.

It’s fortunate, then, that I’m lucky enough to currently have final samples of the first six figures, and I’ve managed to secure them before anyone else.

Friends, here is your world exclusive first review of Totaku figures #01 to #06. Continue reading “Totaku figures #01-06: World exclusive review”

Yoshi’s Woolly World amiibo costume gallery

Amiibo-YoshiYoshi’s Woolly World is out in Europe on Friday (Americans will have to wait until October for it). Now the review embargo‘s passed I can tell you it’s one of the most beautiful, charming games you’ll play this generation.

One of my favourite features in in the game is the ability to unlock unique costumes (well, wool patterns) for Yoshi by scanning amiibo figures on the Wii U GamePad at any time.

When you scan one, Yoshi’s wool colour changes so he looks like the character you scanned. This costume is then unlocked for good and selectable at any point (meaning you can scan a friend’s amiibo, as with the Mario Kart 8 costumes).

As someone who’s a bit of an amiibo addict, I’ve scanned every single one released in Europe to date, except for the Inkling Boy and Inkling Girl from Splatoon. Turns out they all work, except for the Pokemon ones (which I’d imagine is down to The Pokemon Company not wanting its characters involved in that way). Continue reading “Yoshi’s Woolly World amiibo costume gallery”

Nintendo E3 2015 Digital Event: exclusive script leak

nintendo e3And so we come to the end of my week of exclusive E3 script leaks.

On Monday I brought you Sony’s entire E3 conference, exactly as it will play out.

Then, on Wednesday, I did the same with Microsoft’s E3 conference. Neither should surprise you now.

Finally though, to show no company is safe from my investigatory skills, here’s the script for Nintendo’s E3 2015 Digital Event, which will stream next Tuesday. Enjoy. Continue reading “Nintendo E3 2015 Digital Event: exclusive script leak”